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14th Annual Eastern Auditory Retreat

Friday, May 22, 2015
Rutgers University

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Life Sciences Building at Rutgers University
Life Sciences Building, Rutgers University

Please mark the date on your calendar.  The EAR Program Committee is inviting newly hired Assistant Professors in the region to give seminar presentations.

Speaker Institution Seminar Title
Heidi Nakajima Harvard "Bone conduction: what contributes to Carhart's notch?"
Martin Schwander Rutgers A role for the ubiquitin pathway in cochlear homeostasis and progressive hearing loss"
Kelvin Kwan Rutgers "Role of Chd7 in spiral ganglion neuron differentiation"
Thomas Coate Georgetown "Wiring of Spiral Ganglion Neurons and Auditory Hair Cells by Secreted Semaphorins"
Kenneth Paradiso Rutgers "Hearing from both sides of the synapse: the effects of presynaptic action potential kinetics on postsynaptic responses in the calyx of Held"
Cat Weisz NIDCD "Excitation by GABA spillover in a sound localization circuit"
Antje Ihlefeld NJIT "Sound deprivation reduces the ability to listen in background sound"
Kasia Bieszczad Rutgers "Epigenetic control of adult auditory cortical plasticity and sound-specific memory"
Nima Mesgarani Columbia "Cortical representation of speech: selective, dynamic, adaptive"
Katie Kindt NIDCD "Using localized indicators in zebrafish to investigate how sensory information is encoded in vivo"

Registration for the meeting (without a presentation) will be open soon.  I hope that you will be able to join us at Rutgers University for a retreat that promises to be both informative and interactive.

I’m looking forward to hosting the event and seeing many of you this summer.

Best regards,

Robin L. Davis

Professor of Cell Biology & Neuroscience

Rutgers University

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